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Abstract #0952

Framework for comparing relative SNR and SNR efficiency of diffusion weighted sequences in neuro-imaging

Benjamin Frsich 1,2 , Tim Sprenger 1,2 , Axel Haase 1 , and Marion I. Menzel 2

1 IMETUM, Technical University, Munich, Bavaria, Germany, 2 GE Global Research, Munich, Germany

Different diffusion weighted sequences, including 2D DW-EPI, 2D simultaneous multi-slice EPI, 3D multi-slab EPI and an parameter optimized 3D DW-SSFP, were theoretically compared in terms of relative SNR and SNR efficiency concerning a complete brain scan. Therefore, an optimization of 3D DW-SSFP parameters was performed using an analytic model provided by Freed et al.. The analysis depicts 3D multi-slab EPI as the method of choice for highly efficient neuro-imaging at higher resolutions.

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