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Abstract #1308

Usefulness of LCModel Analysis with an Experimental Basis Set in Brain 1H-MRS at 3T

Hyeon-Man Baek 1,2 , Youngjae Jeon 1 , Jooyun Kim 1 , Mirim Bang 1 , Gyunggoo Cho 1 , and Chaejoon Cheong 1

1 Center for MR Research, Korea Basic Science Institute, Ochang, Chungbuk, Korea, 2 Department of Bio-Analytical Science, University of Science & Technology, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon, Korea

In this study, in vivo 1H-MRS data and basis sets were acquired in-house on the same scanner. To test the performance of in-house basis sets, Cramer-Rao Lower Bounds (CRLB) were calculated. We also investigate how many and which metabolites can be reliably quantified in human prefrontal cortex using short-echo time (TE) 1H-MRS at 3T. LCModel with in-house basis sets reliably quantified 8 of 16 metabolites in the prefrontal cortex of healthy subjects at 3T. However, GABA and Tau showed relatively high CRLBs because these two peaks have low-concentration.This means that LCModel using in-house basis sets may be especially useful for short-TE and metabolites characterized by strongly coupled resonances, namely Ins, Glu, Gln, GSH, and Asp.

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