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Abstract #1351

A pilot fMRI study of the effect of negative stressful factors on the onset of female depression

bian haiman 1 , ji shengzhang 2 , zhuo chunjun 3 , li gongying 4 , and ren junjie 2

1 the Fourth Central Hospital of Tianjin, tianjin, tianjin, China, 2 the Fourth Central Hospital of Tianjin, tianjin, China, 3 Tianjin Anning Hospital, tianjin, China, 4 Department of psychiatry, Jining Medical University, shandong, China

If negative stressful life events (NSLEs), such as bereavement, accidental disasters play a key role in the onset and maintenance of depression?Our experiment adopted a block pattern design and use a 3.0 T MRI system to obtain the fMRI data. Our study found that drug-nave female patients with their first major depressive episode who had experienced NSLEs prior to the onset of depression had abnormal activation of several brain regions involved in emotional perception, memory, evaluation, and regulation.These results were consistent with the negative cognitive theory of depression, which proposes that negative stimulation is an important factor in the onset and maintenance of depression.

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