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Abstract #1485

Integrated Spectroscopic Imaging (CSI) and Chemical Shift Saturation Recovery (CSSR) of Hyperpolarized 129 Xe in the Human Lungs

Neil James Stewart 1 and Jim Michael Wild 1

1 Academic Unit of Radiology, University of Sheffield, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, United Kingdom

A method for assessment of regional changes in lung microstructure and gas-exchange with hyperpolarized 129 Xe was implemented using an interleaved combination of spectroscopic imaging (CSI) and chemical shift saturation recovery (CSSR). 129 Xe CSSR uptake curves demonstrated a strong anterior-posterior gradient in MR signal from dissolved and gaseous 129 Xe in the lung. The method was validated by measuring the anterior-posterior gradient in ventilation-perfusion ratio using the ratio of signal intensities from 129 Xe in the gas phase and dissolved in erythrocytes. The proposed method may be applicable to quantify regional variations in gas-exchange dynamics in interstitial pulmonary disorders.

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