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Abstract #1655

3D UTE MR thermometry of frozen tissue during cryoablation: clinical feasibility at 3T

Christiaan G. Overduin 1 , Eva Rothgang 2 , Jurgen J. Ftterer 1 , and Tom W.J. Scheenen 1

1 Radiology, Radboud University Medical Center, Nijmegen, Netherlands, 2 Siemens Corporate Research, Erlangen, Germany

This study is the first to explore the feasibility of 3D ultrashort TE (UTE) MR thermometry of frozen tissue during cryoablation on a clinical MR system at 3T. We demonstrated 3D UTE imaging to achieve measurable MR signal from frozen tissue down to temperatures as low as -40C within a clinically realistic time-frame (~1min.) and with clinically sufficient spatial resolution (1.63mm isotropic). Using a calibration curve, this allowed the 3D estimation of temperatures inside the iceball during cryoablation. In vivo application of this technique could allow interventionalists feedback on the effective treatment zone during MR-guided cryoablation procedures, however a robust calibration method will be needed.

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