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Vesicles assembled from new dendrimeric amphiphiles and their applicative potential as MRI-based theranostic nanocarriers

Miriam Filippi 1 , Deyssy Patrucco 1 , Jonathan Martinelli 2 , Lorenzo Tei 2 , Mauro Botta 2 , and Enzo Terreno 1,3

1 Department of Molecular Biotechnology and Health Sciences, Molecular Imaging Center, University of Turin, Turin, To, Italy, 2 Department of Sciences and Technological Innovation, University of Eastern Piedmont 'A. Avogadro', Alessandria, Al, Italy, 3 Center for Preclinical Imaging, University of Turin, Colleretto Giacosa, To, Italy

Vesicles composed of newly synthesized amphiphilic dendrimers were investigated to understand their effective applicative potential as theranostic tools, based on their biocompatibility, stability in biological environments and capability to encapsulate Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) agents and drugs. Dendrimeric vesicles revealed to be extremely safe and appropriate for vascular administration, besides displaying a very high membrane water permeability, preserving the Longitudinal Relaxivity of encapsulated paramagnetic MRI probes from undesired quenching effects. Specifically, 3,5-C12-EG-(OH)4based vesicles were provided with highest stability, becoming interesting candidates for further development as theranostic tools.

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