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Abstract #1975

Absolute Metabolite Quantification of 31 P MRS Spectra in the Rat Brain In Vivo at 17.2 Tesla using LCModel

Alfredo Liubomir Lopez Kolkovsky 1 and Fawzi Boumezbeur 1

1 Neurospin, I2BM, Commissariat lEnergie Atomique, Gif-sur-Yvette, Essonne, France

31 P MRS allows the study of in vivo tissue energy metabolism by directly measuring key high-energy phosphate compounds closely coupled to the brain energetics such as ATP and PCr. In this study, 31 P MR spectra acquired in the rat brain in vivo at 17.2 T were analyzed in the frequency domain using LCModel. 31 P metabolite quantification was done by using brain tissue water as an internal concentration reference by employing a BISTRO outer volume suppression scheme for localization. Quantification of 11 metabolites was achieved and were in agreement with previously reported values (PCr: 4.01 0.54 mM).

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