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Abstract #2554

Inter-scan motion artefacts in quantitative R1 mapping require correction of coil sensitivity profiles

Daniel Papp 1 , Martina F. Callaghan 1 , Craig Buckley 2 , Heiko Meyer 3 , and Nikolaus Weiskopf 1

1 Wellcome Trust Centre For Neuroimaging, UCL Institute of Neurology, London, United Kingdom, 2 SIEMENS PLC (Healthcare Division), United Kingdom, 3 SIEMENS Healthcare AG, Germany

Quantitative imaging methods often rely on multiple scans and are therefore susceptible to inter-scan motion. In the presence of rapidly varying coil sensitivities, volunteer movement between scans will result in position-specific signal intensity modulation, which cannot be corrected for by rigid body motion correction and leads to error in the quantitative maps. Here we demonstrate the impact of this artefact on quantitative R1 maps and propose and validate a correction method based on dynamically updating coil-sensitivity maps. Our approach can be readily implemented and generalized to other multi-scan acquisitions.

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