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Abstract #2695

Evaluation of cardiac stress perfusion and functional MRI biomarkers in healthy nonhuman primates: Reproducibility and repeatability study

Sarayu Parimal 1,2 , Smita Sampath 1,2 , Michael Klimas 2 , Dai Feng 3 , Richard Baumgartner 3 , Elaine Manigbas 4 , Willy GSell 4 , Jeffrey L. Evelhoch 2 , and Chin Chih-Liang 1,2

1 Imaging, MSD, Singapore, 2 Imaging, Merck & Co. Inc., WestPoint, Philadelphia, United States, 3 Biometric Research, Biostatistics and Research Decision Sciences, Merck & Co. Inc., Rahway, New Jersey, United States, 4 MRI department, Maccine Pte Ltd, Singapore

Nonhuman primate models of human diseases offer unique platforms to evaluate novel therapeutics with better translatability to patients, where imaging biomarkers revealing early disease progression or treatment responses can be critical. Cardiac dysfunction and perfusion abnormalities at stress are early hallmarks of underlying disease. Herein, the robustness of cardiac function/perfusion biomarkers in healthy nonhuman primates during inotropic stress was evaluated. We found good inter- and intra- observer reproducibility for perfusion and functional reserves. Inter-study repeatability was higher for perfusion reserve. Significant differences between rest and stress existed for peak circumferential strain and myocardial blood flow, but not for diastolic strain-rate.

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