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High-quality and self-navigated diffusion-weighted imaging enabled by a novel interleaved block-segmented ( iblocks ) EPI

Hing-Chiu Chang 1 , Mei-Lan Chu 1 , Mark Sundman 1 , and Nan-Kuei Chen 1

1 Brain Imaging and Analysis Center, Duke University Medical Center, Durham, North Carolina, United States

High-resolution and high-quality DWI can be achieved by using different multi-shot EPI acquisition techniques. Recently, the multiplexed sensitivity-encoding encoded reconstruction method (MUSE) was developed to remove aliasing artifacts in interleaved DW-EPI to shot-to-shot phase variation without need requiring external of navigator echoes. MoreoverThe MUSE algorithm integrated implemented with projection onto convex sets based algorithm framework (POCSMUSE) further enables the flexibility of high-resolution DWI obtained with arbitrary k-space trajectoriesy for multi-shot based acquisition with phase variation correction. In this study, first, a noveln interleaved block-segmented (iblocks) DW-EPI with 1) inherent and self-navigated phase variation correction and 2) reduced geometric distortion is purposeddeveloped;. Secondsecond, the new developed POCSMUSE algorithm is used to reconstruct the iblocks DWI image data with phase variation correctioninherent phase correction.

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