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Abstract #3722

Real-time concomitant gradient field correction.

Kevin Perkins 1,2 , Reeve Ingle 2 , Juan Santos 2 , Galen Reed 2 , Ken Johnson 2 , and William Overall 2

1 BYU, Provo, Utah, United States, 2 HeartVista, Menlo Park, Ca, United States

One source of artifacts in spiral scans is concomitant gradient fields (CGFs), which are higher order field terms that accompany linear gradients. Demodulation is a zero-order CGF correction method that has been implemented in real-time. However, this simple approach does not effectively correct CGF effects in non-axial slices. Multi-frequency binning is a more advanced technique that requires more computational time. We propose an intermediate, first-order solution that retains the non-axial correction capabilities of the multifrequency approach along with the speed of simple demodulation correction. This first-order approach is shown to eliminate blurring artifact inside a user-defined FOV.

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