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Abstract #3723

Effective removal of aliasing artifacts in interleaved diffusion weighted EPI using integrated 2D Nyquist correction and multiplexed sensitivity encoded reconstruction

Hing-Chiu Chang 1 and Nan-Kuei Chen 1

1 Brain Imaging and Analysis Center, Duke University Medical Center, Durham, North Carolina, United States

In addition to minuscule motion induced aliasing artifacts, interleaved EPI based DWI are also susceptible to Nyquist artifact. 1D Nyquist correction is routinely used for single-shot and interleaved DWI. However, in many cases (e.g., oblique-plane EPI), the Nyquist artifacts due to phase errors along the phase-encoding direction are significant, which can only be suppressed with The 2D phase correction Nyquist correction methods for Nyquist ghost reduction reveal significant improvement of image quality for both single-shot and segmented EPI data acquired in oblique plane or in the presence of cross-term eddy current. Unfortunately, existing 2D Nyquist correction procedures are not compatible with interleaved DWI data. To address this limitation, here we report a novel integrated approach to simultaneously remove 2D Nyquist artifact and shot-to-shot phase variations in interleaved DWI data.

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