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Abstract #4061

Simultaneous T2 mapping in Near-Field Subcutaneous Fat Layer and PRFS Temperature Mapping in the Target Region using Fast Interleaved Sequences to Monitor MR-HIFU Sonication

Jochen Keupp 1 , Steffen Weiss 1 , Jaakko Tolo 2 , Holger Gruell 3,4 , and Edwin Heijman 3

1 Philips Research, Hamburg, Germany, 2 Philips Healthcare, Helsinki, Finland, 3 Philips Research, Eindhoven, Netherlands, 4 Eindhoven University of Technology, Eindhoven, Netherlands

MR guided high-intensity focused ultrasound (MR-HIFU) is establishing as a new treatment option for various diseases that elegantly combines two non-invasive technologies. Near-field ultrasound heating of the skin and heat accumulation in the subcutaneous fat layer can become problematic due to the low thermal conductivity of fat. Currently, temperature mapping based on the proton resonance frequency shift (PRFS) is applied during clinical MR-HIFU treatment. However, reliable PRFS temperature maps can only be acquired in non-adipose tissue, while fat tissue requires different temperature mapping techniques like e.g. based on T2-mapping. Simultaneous temperature monitoring would be desirable in separate FOVs, like the adipose far field and non-adipose tumor regions. We here propose to use an acquisition technology which quickly interleaves a PRFS (gradient-echo) and a T2 (dual spin-echo) sequence on the level of individual repetitions with microsecond latency. Feasibility was demonstrated in a model setup using ablation conditions on a clinical MR-HIFU system.

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