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Abstract #4146

Inducing magnetic torque inside an MRI scanner using pulsed magnetic gradients

Alexandre Bigot 1 , Maxime Latulippe 1 , Charles Tremblay 1 , and Sylvain Martel 1

1 Nanorobotics Laboratory, Polytechnique Montreal, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Magnetic Resonance Imaging scanners have the potential to control endoscopic capsules for gastrointestinal (GI) examination. The correct imaging and detection of small abnormal tissues along the GI tract require fine adjustment of the capsule position and of the capsule angle. We therefore demonstrate that gradients can generate eddy currents in a small coil and therefore induce a torque on a small capsule. With time-varying magnetic field below stimulation levels, a 2.5-cm capsule rotates from 35 to 0 (aligned with B0) in less than 20 seconds. This work may open the way to the development of MR actuated endoscopic capsules.

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