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Abstract #1392

7 T MRS Investigation of the Glutamatergic System in Depression

Clark Lemke1,2, Charles Masaki1, Uzay Emir2, Beata Godlewska1, and Phil Cowen1

1Department of Psychiatry, University of Oxford, Oxford, United Kingdom, 2FMRIB, University of Oxford, Oxford, United Kingdom

The glutamatergic system is believed to play a significant role in depression pathology. While many magnetic resonance spectroscopy (MRS) studies of depression have targeted the glutamatergic system, they have all been performed at magnetic field strengths of 4 T or lower – limiting their ability to differentiate between glutamate and glutamine. This study presents the first investigation of the glutamatergic system in depressed subjects at 7 T. Voxels were placed in the occipital cortex, anterior cingulate cortex, and putamen and metabolites were quantified using LCModel. Results indicate a significant decrease in glutamate in the occipital cortex and a significant increase of glutamine in the putamen.

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