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Abstract #1692

Cocaine and the synthetic cathinone MDPV reduce small world brain network topology: a rat functional connectivity study

Luis Manuel Colon-Perez1 and Marcelo Febo1

1Psychiatry, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL, United States

Drug abuse has detrimental effects on the brain function, which lead to drug use disorders. In vivo non-invasive biomarkers are needed to determine the neurobiological outcomes of addictive drugs on the brain. Functional MRI and graph theory offer an analytical approach to address brain network changes associated with psychiatric disorders. In the present study we determined the effects of two addictive psychostimulant drugs. Comparison between saline and drug administered shows a reduction in the connectivity at 1 hr but not at 24 hrs. Acute administration of the two psychostimulants studied produce only transient effects lasting at least 1 hr.

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