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Abstract #1998

The influence of T2 relaxation in measuring the restricted volume fraction in diffusion MRI

Silvia De Santis1, Yaniv Assaf2, and Derek Jones1

1Cardiff University, CUBRIC, Cardiff, United Kingdom, 2Department of Neurobiology, Tel Aviv University, Tel Aviv, Israel

With the increasing popularity of multi-shell diffusion techniques to measure axonal density and diameter, the investigation of the exact origin of the contrast has become a hot topic. Here, we investigate the impact of the echo time in measuring the axonal density and show that the two water compartments are characterised by a different relaxation time T2, making the measures of the volume strongly dependent on the echo time. This suggests caution when comparing data acquired with different setups and introduces a new way of measuring the differential T2 properties of intra- and extra-axonal water pools.

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