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In vivo exploration of the human brainstem complex pathways at 3 Tesla with track-density imaging: a digital three-dimensional microscope for anatomists

Sophie Sébille1, Romain Valabregue1, Anne-Sophie Rolland1, Chantal François1, and Eric Bardinet1

1Brain and Spine Institute, CNRS UMR 7225 - INSERM U 1127 - UPMC-P6 UMR S 1127, Paris, France

We applied super-resolution TDI, as a tool to gain spatial resolution using post-processing methods, to one healthy individual to highlight the fine details of the anatomical fibers tracts in the brainstem. A 1.25 mm isotropic diffusion data acquired in vivo at 3T was used to calculate a 0.2 mm isotropic TDI map. We demonstrated that the super-resolution TDI clearly improved the spatial resolution, as well as the emphasis on different contrast information. These maps can be of help to anatomists to explore the brainstem complex organization by identifying subject-specific tracts.

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