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Abstract #2559

A simulation study and application of UTE-ΔR2-ΔR2* combined MR whole brain angiogram using dual contrast superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles.

HoeSu Jung1, SeokHa Jin1, DongKyu Lee1, SoHyun Han1, and HyungJoon Cho1

1Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology, Ulsan, Korea, Republic of

Transverse-relaxation-based ΔR2- and ΔR2*- micro MRAs are being investigated for imaging cerebral vasculature in rodent brains with increased sensitivity for intracortical arterioles and venules, in conjunction with exogenous blood pool contrast agents. In this study, we simulated extravascular signal decay behaviors of ΔR2, and ΔR2* values for multiple cylindrical models with varying diameters to quantitatively assess both sensitivity and size overestimation issues in micro MRA. The benefits of following synergistic combination of ΔR2, and ΔR2* angiograms along with the UTE-derived positive angiogram were investigated, and corresponding UTE-ΔR2-ΔR2* combined angiogram was applied to normal and C6 glioma tumor model for the verifications.

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