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Effect of Gadolinium-Induced Susceptibility on First-Pass Single-echo Dixon CE-MRA and Methods for Correction

Eric G. Stinson1, Joshua D. Trzasko1, and Stephen J. Riederer1

1Radiology, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN, United States

Single-echo Dixon imaging for contrast-enhanced MR angiography (CE-MRA) can provide the advantages of multi-echo Dixon without the tradeoff of longer acquisitions and reduced temporal resolution. Single-echo Dixon imaging assumes that both the water and fat signals are real and have known initial phase and phase due to field inhomogeneities. However, when a paramagnetic Gadolinium-based contrast agent is injected for CE-MRA, the field may be perturbed and render the a priori phase estimates invalid. The purpose of this study is to demonstrate the effect of Gd-induced field perturbations on first-pass single-echo Dixon CE-MRA and describe strategies to avoid or correct artifacts.

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