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Abstract #2785

Imaging of Nuclear Overhauser Enhancement in Human Brain Tumor at 3 Tesla

Yuanyu Shen1, Gang Xiao2, Zhiwei Shen1, Xiaolei Zhang1, Wei Hu1, Xiangyong Tang1, Zhiyan Zhang1, Jitian Guan1, and Renhua Wu1

12nd Affilicated Hospital, Shantou University Medical College, Shantou, China, People's Republic of, 2Hanshan Normal University, Chaozhou, China, People's Republic of

Our aim was to demonstrate the feasibility of nuclear Overhauser enhancement (NOE) imaging to detect the characteristic of patients with brain tumors. Six healthy volunteers and eleven patients with brain tumors were recruited for undergoing MRI scan at 3T. As a result, we found NOE value was greater in white matter compared to gray matter. However, in human brain tumors, NOE value was slightly hypointense in glioma and little difference in meningioma. NOE imaging may help to distinguish the heterogeneity of benign or malignant tumors, and it is important in diagnosis and treatment planning for patients with brain tumors.

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