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Abstract #2803

Threshold functional imaging maps depict intra-tumour heterogeneity of response to radiotherapy in retroperitoneal sarcomas

Jessica M Winfield1,2, Aisha Miah3, Dirk Strauss4, Khin Thway5, David J Collins1,2, Martin O Leach1,2, Sharon L Giles1,2, Daniel Henderson3, Shane Zaidi6, and Christina Messiou1,2

1MRI, Royal Marsden Hospital, Sutton, United Kingdom, 2Division of Radiotherapy and Imaging, Cancer Research UK Cancer Imaging Centre, Institute of Cancer Research, London, United Kingdom, 3Department of Radiotherapy, Royal Marsden Hospital, London, United Kingdom, 4Department of Surgery, Royal Marsden Hospital, London, United Kingdom, 5Department of Histopathology, Royal Marsden Hospital, London, United Kingdom, 6Department of Clinical Oncology, Royal Marsden Hospital, London, United Kingdom

Functional imaging provides scope for non-invasive assessment of response to radiotherapy and/or systemic agents in retroperitoneal sarcomas and investigation of heterogeneity of response in this highly heterogeneous tumour type. In this study 9 patients with retroperitoneal sarcoma were imaged before treatment and 2-4 weeks after radiotherapy. Whilst some tumours exhibited large increases in median ADC and enhancing fraction after radiotherapy, the overall changes for the cohort were not significant and there were no clear changes in fat fraction. Thresholded ADC maps and enhancement maps, however, reveal localised post-radiotherapy changes in ADC and enhancement that are not fully characterised by whole-tumour metrics.

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