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When mint smells blue and diagonal: an fMRI study on olfactory synesthesias

Helena Melero1, Susana Borromeo1, Alexandra Cristobal-Huerta1, Eva Manzanedo1, and Juan Antonio Hernandez-Tamames1

1Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Madrid, Spain

Neuroimaging experiments on grapheme-color synesthesia have provided evidence of structural and functional peculiarities in the synesthetic brain and several explanatory models have been proposed. Nevertheless, data from other modalities are needed in order to test their predictions. For the first time, we investigated brain activity in response to olfactory stimuli in multiple synesthetes. Results showed differential activity in areas that participate in high level visual processing, memory, language, lexical meaning and emotion. These findings suggest that the Conceptual Mediation Model and the Emotional Binding Theory may be complementary and reinforce the idea that meaning and emotion are intrinsically related processes.

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