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Abstract #0714

Improved prediction of meningioma-brain adhesion with normalized octahedral shear strain using slip interface imaging based on MR-elastography

Ziying Yin1, Joshua D Hughes2, Joshua D Trzasko1, Kevin J Glaser1, Armando Manduca3, Jamie J Van Gompel2, Michael J Link2, Anthony Romano4, Richard L Ehman1, and John Huston III1

1Radiology, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN, United States, 2Neurosurgery, Mayo Clinic, MN, United States, 3Physiology and Biomedical Engineering, Mayo Clinic, MN, United States, 4Naval Research Laboratory, Code 7160, Washington, DC

Knowledge of meningioma-brain adhesion can be important to surgical outcome but has been reliably assessed only during surgery. Slip interface imaging (SII), a recently developed MR-elastography based technique, is capable of determining the degree of meningioma-brain adhesion preoperatively. In SII, a non-adherent meningioma demonstrates a hyper-intense octahedral shear strain (OSS) contour along the tumor-brain interface. In 25 meningiomas, an algorithm improved by normalizing OSS to the combined wave amplitude provided a more accurate prediction in the setting of peritumoral edema. Normalized OSS increased SII accuracy from 72% to 92%, and the kappa coefficient increased from 0.37 (fair) to 0.86 (good).

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