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Abstract #1614

Simultaneous Quantification of Fat Fraction and R2* as measures of Bone Oedema/Adiposity and Structure in Spondyloarthritis

Timothy JP Bray1, Alan Bainbridge2, Corinne Fisher3, Shonit Punwani1, Yiannis Ioannou3, and Margaret A Hall-Craggs1

1Centre for Medical Imaging, University College London, London, United Kingdom, 2Medical Physics, University College London Hospitals, 3Centre for Adolescent Rheumatology, University College London

Treatment decisions in patients with spondyloarthritis increasingly involve the use of MRI to assess the extent, severity and type of inflammation surrounding the joints. However, conventional spin echo imaging requires subjective interpretation and gives little information about trabecular structure, despite the fact that new bone formation and bone destruction may both occur in spondylorthritis. Here, we describe the use of chemical shift-encoded MRI as a quantitative method for assessing inflammation of the sacroiliac joints. Specifically, we demonstrate the use of proton-density fat fraction and R2* as measures of bone marrow composition and structure, respectively, in both active and chronic inflammation.

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