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Abstract #1675

Anesthesia-dependent effects on BOLD onset and amplitude assessed by line scanning fMRI with 50 ms temporal resolution

Franziska Albers1, Timo van Alst1, Lydia Wachsmuth1, Florian Schmid1, and Cornelius Faber1

1Department of Clinical Radiology, University of Muenster, Muenster, Germany

Medetomidine sedation is a common anesthetic regimen for rodent fMRI studies. However, depth and duration of the sedation may prove insufficient for MR imaging. Adding isoflurane is an efficient way to increase depth and duration of sedation. In rats we varied the concentration of additional isoflurane (0 - 1.5 %) and performed 1D line scanning upon electric forepaw stimulation to characterize the effect of increasing isoflurane on amplitude and onset of the BOLD response. While low concentrations did not significantly alter amplitudes or onsets, we found severely reduced amplitudes and delayed onsets for higher concentrations (> 0.7 %) of isoflurane.

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