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Abstract #1725

Thalamocortical neural responses to whole body heat exposure: A resting-State Functional MRI study

Shaowen Qian1, Qingjun Jiang1, Kai Liu1, Bo Li1, Jianxun Qu2, and Gang Sun1

1Jinan Military General Hospital, Jinan, People's Republic of China, 2GE Healthcare China

In this study, we replicated previous findings about spatially distinct thalamic correlations with cortical regions of interest. Using bi-directional functional analysis, we firstly clarified cortical-subcortical activity during hyperthermic condition by thalamocortical functional connectivity. Specifically, we found weakening connectivity of cortical fronto-polar/anterior cingulate cortex and prefrontal areas with the corresponding thalamic nuclei. On the contrary, the motor/premotor and somatosensory cortical subdivisions showed increased connectivity with thalamic nuclei. The thalamic pulvinar showed reduced connectivity with bilateral superior and middle temporal pole, but increased connectivity with bilateral middle and inferior temporal gyrus.

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