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Abstract #2330

A Chemical Warfare Nerve Agent Causes Regional Changes in Brain T2—Consistent with Localized Edema

Kevin Lee1, Sara Bohnert2, Cory Vair2, Ying Wu1, John Mikler2, and Jeff Dunn1

1Radiology, University of Calgary, Calgary, AB, Canada, 2National Defence, Defence Research And Development Canada, Suffield, AB, Canada

Chemical Warfare Nerve Agents (NAs) are toxic compounds that have the potential to cause mass casualty scenarios. The United Nation has categorized NAs as a weapon of mass destruction. The immediate and short-term effects of NA exposure is well understood, however, our understanding of the neurological effect at a sub-lethal dose is limited. We have found localized edema that may serve as a good biomarker to test novel treatments.

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