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3D Multi-Echo Radial Imaging of $$$^{23}$$$Na (3D-MERINA) for time-efficient multi-parameter mapping

Yasmin Blunck1, Sonal Josan2, Brad A Moffat3, Roger J Ordidge3, Jon O Cleary3,4, and Leigh A Johnston1,4

1Electrical & Electronic Engineering, University of Melbourne, Melbourne, Australia, 2Siemens Healthcare, Melbourne, Australia, 3Anatomy & Neuroscience, University of Melbourne, Melbourne, Australia, 4joint senior authors

Challenging imaging characteristics (low SNR, fast bi-exponential decay) have so far limited the application of 23Na-MRI in clinical environments. This work presents 3D Multi-Echo Radial Imaging of 23NA (3D-MERINA), a time-efficient acquisition protocol from which multiple parameter maps (sodium-density, T2*slow and T2*fast, free 23NA) can be derived in a single acquisition. Phantom and in-vivo measurements were analysed for the evaluation of parameter mapping and the inference of tissue characteristic based on decay behaviour. All parameters were acquired in a single sodium-density-weighted acquisition under relatively low SAR. Future investigation will exploit 3D-MERINA for SQF-SNR enhancement and the detection of MQF contrasts.

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