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Abstract #3337

Rotating Single-shot Acquisition (RoSA) combined with parallel imaging for fast high-resolution diffusion imaging

Qiuting Wen1, Brian Dale2, Shivraman Giri3, and Yu-Chien Wu1

1Radiology and Imaging Science, Indiana University, Indianapolis, IN, United States, 2Siemens Medical Solutions, Inc.
, Hanover, NH, United States, 3Siemens Medical Solutions, Inc.
, Morrisville, NC, United States

High-resolution diffusion-weighted MRI often relies on multi-shot acquisitions, which suffer from long acquisition time. Rotating single-shot acquisition (RoSA) was proposed to accelerate high-resolution diffusion MRI by taking advantage of the similarity between diffusion-weighted images. In RoSA only a strip of k-space (i.e., blade) per diffusion direction is acquired, and high-resolution image was achieved via composite reconstruction. In this work, we implemented RoSA with parallel imaging. We demonstrated that improved data quality and imaging speed was achieved in both simulation and in human data.

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