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Scan-rescan of AxCaliber, macromolecular tissue volume and g-ratio in the spinal cord

Tanguy Duval1, Victoria Smith2, Eric Klawiter2, Nikola Stikov1,3, and Julien Cohen-Adad1,4

1NeuroPoly Lab, Institute of Biomedical Engineering, Polytechnique Montreal, Montreal, QC, Canada, 2A.A. Martinos Center for Biomedical Imaging, Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA, United States, 3Montreal Heart Institute, Montreal, QC, Canada, 4Functional Neuroimaging Unit, CRIUGM, Montreal, QC, Canada

Translating quantitative MRI to clinical research raises many challenges in term of acquisition strategy, modeling of the MRI signal, artifact corrections (sensitivity to motion and distortion) and metric extraction (template registration and partial volume effects). In this work, we wanted to validate the repeatability of this entire framework, from the acquisition to the extraction of the metrics using a template-based approach. We took advantage of the 300 mT/m gradients from the connectome scanner for estimating robustly AxCaliber metrics, MTV, and g-ratio in the spinal cord of eight healthy subjects, scanned and rescanned in two different sessions. Our results show good scan-rescan repeatability (r>0.7, small deviations <5%), and demonstrate the capability of these metrics to detect inter-subjects (through ICC) and inter-fiber-pathways differences (through ANOVA analysis).

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