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Abstract #3641

Dictionary-based Electric Properties Tomography

Ulrich Katscher1, Max Herrmann1, Christian Findeklee1, Mariya Doneva1, and Thomas Amthor1

1Philips Research Europe, Hamburg, Germany

Electric Properties Tomography (EPT) derives tissue conductivity and permittivity according to the Helmholtz equation via the second derivative of the measured complex B1 map, or by iteratively solving the corresponding forward problem. This abstract presents a different type of EPT reconstruction: the measured B1 map is compared locally with entries of a dictionary, which are small B1 maps of a priori known electric properties. This "dictionary-based EPT" (db-EPT) could be able to solve the transceive phase problem as well as the boundary problem of EPT. This study applies db-EPT to numerical and experimental data comparing different types of dictionaries.

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