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Abstract #3703

Cost-efficient hyperpolarization of long-lived nuclear spin states on carbon-13 spin pairs

Thomas Theis1, Zijian Zhou1, Jin Yu1, Johannes Colell1, and Warren Warren1,2

1Department of Chemistry, Duke University, Durham, NC, United States, 2Departments of Physics, Radiology and BME, Duke University, Durham, NC, United States

Current hyperpolarization methods used in preclinical research are limited by high cost (>$2M) and short hyperpolarization lifetimes (<1 min). Here we demonstrate hyperpolarization of long-lived states with inexpensive equipment. Specifically, we use parahydrogen which is simple to produce (<$10k in equipment costs) and transfer its singlet hyperpolarization by non-reactive polarization transfer to long-lived singlet states on 13C spin pairs in molecular substrates. We detail polarization transfer mechanisms and obtain hyperpolarization lifetimes in excess of two minutes. Moving forward, we expect to achieve hyperpolarization lifetimes of hours as has been demonstrated on thermally polarized 13C spin pairs.

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