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Abstract #4363

Impacting cancer cells via mechanical waves: can we change cellular behaviour?

Marlies Christina Hoelzl1, Frederic Festy2, Gilbert Fruhwirth3, and Ralph Sinkus4

1Biomedical Engineering, King's College London, London, United Kingdom, 2Tissue Engineering & Biophotonics, King's College London, 3Imaging Chemistry and Biology, King's College London, London, United Kingdom, 4Biomedical Engineering, King's College London, Lodon, United Kingdom

90% of cancer related deaths are caused by cancer metastasis, a process where cells leave the primary tumour, disseminate and form outgrowth at the secondary metastatic site. The tumour microenvironment provides crucial signals ((bio)chemical, mechanical) to regulate tumour formation, progression, and cell spread throughout the body. Translation of mechanical forces, displacements and deformations into biochemical signals (i.e. mechanotransduction) affects their cell behaviour (adhesion, spread, survival).1,2 We show here that multiple treatment of tumour spheroids (solid tumour model in vitro) with focussed shear waves operating at specific frequency and amplitude results in reduced growth and reduced invasive behaviour of cancer cells.

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