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Abstract #5010

Quantitative NMR imaging of short and long T2 components in the SKM tissue by 1H T2- relaxometry study

Teresa Gerhalter1,2, Pierre-Yves Baudin3, Noura Azzabou1,2, Eriky Caldas1,2, Harmen Reyngoudt1,2, Pierre Carlier1,2, and Benjamin Marty1,2

1Institute of Myology, NMR Laboratory, Paris, France, 2CEA, DRF, I²BM, MIRCen, Paris, France, 3CRIS, Tournai, Belgium

Muscle water T2 is currently being used to assess and monitor the pathology of neuromuscular disorders. The vascular signal of water T2 is close to the one of fat, which might have an impact on the fat fraction quantification using a 2-component fitting approach on MSME data. Here, we examined the impact of long water T2 variations during exercise on fat quantification using the 2-component extended phase graph (EPG) model. Exercise increased the short T2 and the ratio between the amplitudes of short and long T2 signals suggesting an impact of the vascular space on the fat fraction quantification.

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