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Abstract #5420

Field drift-correction of PRFS temperature mapping using interleaved non selective free induction decay (FID) readouts

Cyril J Ferrer1, Lambertus W Bartels1, Tijl van der Velden1, Charles Mougenot1, Chrit T.W Moonen1, and Clemens Bos1

1UMC Utrecht, Utrecht, Netherlands

During long hyperthermia procedures guided by MR thermometry, drift of the main magnetic field leads to systematic errors in PRFS measurements, compromising the required temperature monitoring. In this study we evaluated if interleaving acquisition of PRFS MRT with non-selective FID readouts using conventional receive coil elements allows for correcting the drift effects in PRFS thermometry. Automated field drift correction using interleaved non-selective FIDs allowed maintaining a precision and accuracy better than 1°C. This temperature precision would typically be required for controlling a hyperthermia procedure.

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