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Single-scan multi-spin-echo SPEN for dynamic T2 mapping and for 3D T2 weighted anatomical imaging

Qingjia Bao1, Eddy Solomon1, Gilad Liberman1, Samuel Cousin1, and Lucio Fydman1

1Department of Chemical and Biological Physics, Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot, Israel

SPatiotemporal ENcoding (SPEN) provides single-shot 2D images free from T2* effects, and with enhanced robustness to field distortions. SPEN’s acquisition module is relatively short, opening the possibility to combine SPEN with a multi-spin-echo protocol, thus collecting several images in one shot. This work explores this possibility towards two different aims: the single-shot characterization of spatially-resolved T2 maps, and the accelerated acquisition of 3D images incorporating a phase encoding. Both approaches proved successful, as exemplified with real-time T2 mapping of in vivo kidney on a perfused mouse and high resolution volumetric acquisitions on ex vivo phantoms and human volunteers.

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