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Abstract #0381

Fast imaging with ultrahigh isotropic resolution using partition-encoded simultaneous multi-slab (PRISM)

Wei-Tang Chang1 and Weili Lin1

1BRIC, UNC at Chapel Hill, Chapel Hill, NC, United States

Fast imaging with ultrahigh isotropic resolution has gained widespread interests but is technically challenging. The simultaneous multi-slice (SMS) and 3D imaging can hardly achieve high isotropic resolution without compromising temporal resolution or imaging contrast that needs long TR. A novel method, Partition-encoded Simultaneous Multi-slab (PRISM) imaging, was proposed to mitigate the physical constraints of thin slice excitation by applying partition encoding onto simultaneous multi-slab acquisition and provide ultrahigh isotropic resolution while maintaining the acceleration capability and TR flexibility. Using the PRISM technique, whole-brain fMRI with spatial resolution of 1mm isotropic and a temporal resolution of 2 seconds has been achieved.

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