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Abstract #0393

Depth-dependent functional mapping of mental prediction in human somatosensory cortex

Yinghua Yu1,2, Laurentius Huber1, David C Jangraw1, Peter J Molfese1, Andrew Hall1, Daniel A Handwerker1, Jiajia Yang1,2, and Peter A Bandettini1

1SFIM, NIMH, Bethesda, MD, United States, 2Cognitive Neuroscience Lab, Division of Medical Bioengineering, Graduate School of Natural Science and Technology, Okayama University, Okayama, Japan

High-resolution, cortical depth-dependent fMRI allows researchers to address questions about the feed-forward and feed-back driven activity non-invasively. The processing of finger-touching in the sensory cortex is a complex interplay between feed-forward activity from the thalamus and feed-back input from higher-order brain areas representing touching anticipation/prediction. Here we use high-resolution (0.7mm) fMRI at 7T to investigate this interplay in the human brain with BOLD and blood-volume-sensitive fMRI as a function of cortical depth. We find that we can reveal that prediction input in S1 is dominated from superficial layers, while thalamo-cortical feed-forward input is dominant in middle cortical layers, as expected from previous work in animals.

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