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Whole brain inhomogeneous Magnetization Transfer (ihMT) imaging at 3T: concentrating RF power to mitigate RF inhomogeneities effects

Samira Mchinda1, Gopal Varma2, Robin Draveny1,3, Arnaud Le Troter1, Victor Carvalho1, Valentin H. Prevost1, Maxime Guye1,4, Jean Pelletier1,5, Jean-philippe Ranjeva1, David C. Alsop2, Guillaume Duhamel1, and Olivier M. Girard1

1Aix Marseille Univ, CNRS, CRMBM, Marseille, France, 2BIDMC, Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA, United States, 3Phelma, INPG, Grenoble, France, 4Aix Marseille Univ, APHM, Hôpital de La Timone, Pôle d’Imagerie Médicale, CEMEREM, Marseille, France, 5Aix Marseille Univ, APHM, Hôpital de La Timone, Pôle de Neurosciences Cliniques, Service de Neurologie, APHM, Marseille, France

Inhomogeneous magnetization transfer (ihMT) is a new MRI modality that provides strong sensitivity to myelinated tissues. Previously, a 3D whole brain ihMT sequence, based on GRE readouts interleaved with bursts of MT saturation pulses, was developed and optimized at 1.5T. In this work we demonstrate that concentrating the MT pulse energy can mitigate the sensitivity of ihMT to RF inhomogeneities encountered in high field systems. Overall, this allows for 1.5mm3 resolution ihMTR maps to be acquired at 3T, with a reduced B1-induced bias and strong signal within the whole brain, allowing robust clinical applications of ihMT at 3T.

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