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Abstract #0868

Blood pressure correlated fluctuations of BOLD origin in fMRI signals: A multi-echo 7T study.

Joseph Whittaker1, Ian Driver2, Marcello Venzi1, and Kevin Murphy1

1School of Physics and Astronomy, Cardiff University Brain Research imaging Centre (CUBRIC), Cardiff University, Cardiff, United Kingdom, 2School of Psychology, Caridiff University Brain Research Imaging Centre (CUBRIC), Cardiff University, Cardiff, United Kingdom

Previously we have reported that fluctuations in fMRI signals at approximately 0.1Hz are highly correlated with blood pressure fluctuations at the same frequency. A multi-echo resting-state fMRI experiment was performed at 7T to separate the effect of changes in transverse relaxation (R2*) and longitudinal magnetisation (S0) in these fluctuations. We demonstrate that the magnitudes of correlations with blood pressure are significantly greater for R2* signals, compared with corresponding S0 signals. These data suggest that there is a significant proportion of BOLD dependent signal variance in fMRI that is of non-neuronal origin.

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