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Abstract #1730

Clinical Improvement of 19F Image Sensitivity using the Inductive Coupling at 7.0T Animal MRI

Bu S Park1, Sunder S Rajan2, and Brenton McCright1

11Division of Cellular and Gene Therapies, FDA/CBER/ Office of Tissues and Advanced Therapies, Silver Spring, MD, United States, 2Biomedical Physics, FDA/CDRH/Office of Science and Engineering Laboratories, Silver Spring, MD, United States

We present numerical simulations and experimental validation data testing the feasibility to improve 19F image sensitivity of perfluorocarbon labeled cells using the secondary resonator tuned at 287 MHz to make an enhancing induced RF magnetic field (B1) at 7.0T 19F/1H MRI. The numerical simulation results of |B1+| and corresponding experimental 19F images without and with the secondary resonator tuned at 287 MHz show the improvement of |B1+| and 19F image uniformity. To model a potential clinical application, we used inductive coupling MR to image 19F perfluorocarbon labeled cells encapsulated in polyethylene glycol (PEG) after their transplantation into mice.

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