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Abstract #3391

A Simplified Framework for Contrast Optimization in MRI

Eric Van Reeth1, Hélène Ratiney1, Kevin Tse Ve Koon1, Michael Tesch2, Denis Grenier1, Olivier Beuf1, Steffen J Glaser2, and Dominique Sugny3,4

1CREATIS, Villeurbanne, France, 2Department of Chemistry, TUM, Munich, Germany, 3ICB, Dijon, France, 4TUM, Institute for Advanced Study, Munich, Germany

This abstract details the implementation and interest of an adapted parameterization for the computation of contrast preparation schemes in an optimal control framework. It optimally balances the effect of T1 and T2 relaxation, penalizes long preparation sequences in order to improve the compromise between contrast performance and preparation time, and significantly reduces the computation time. As an example, an in vitro experiment validates the contrast benefit over an inversion-recovery scheme. Finally, it offers a huge flexibility in terms of achievable contrasts, which is demonstrated in vivo by a white-matter enhancement experiment on a rat brain.

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