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Removal of Water Sidebands from 1H-MRSI Data Acquired without Water Suppression

Yudu Li1,2, Fan Lam2, Rong Guo1,2, Bryan Clifford1,2, Xi Peng2,3, and Zhi-Pei Liang1,2

1Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Urbana, IL, United States, 2Beckman Institute for Advanced Science and Technology, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Urbana, IL, United States, 3Paul C. Lauterbur Research Center for Biomedical Imaging, Institutes of Advanced Technology, Shenzhen, China

The water sideband artifact is a major obstacle to proton MR spectroscopic imaging (1H-MRSI) without water suppression (WS). This work presents a novel method to remove the sideband artifacts from non-WS MRSI data, characterized by the use of a reference-based parametric model to represent the artifacts. Our method obtains the reference signal from two auxiliary scans and subsequently estimates the sideband signals from a particular MRSI data. The proposed method has been validated using both phantom and in vivo experimental data, demonstrating that it can effectively remove the sideband artifacts without introducing spectral distortion. This method is expected to be useful for many non-WS MRSI studies.

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