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Abstract #4026

MRS-based metabolomic approaches detect multiple metabolic targets for the antitumor action of metformin on U87MG glioma cells.

Marco Rinaudo1, Agnese Sacchetti1, Serena Cecchetti1, Laura Mercurio1, Maria Jose Caramujo1, Mattea Chirico1, Marika Pinazza2, Giulia Carpinelli1, Stefano Indraccolo2, Franca Podo1, and Egidio Iorio1

1Istituto Superiore di Sanità, Roma, Italy, 2IRCCS Istituto Oncologico Veneto, Padova, Italy

There is an urgent need to develop novel therapeutic strategies for malignant brain tumors. Purposes of this study were: 1) to investigate in glioma cells the alterations induced by metformin in the levels of metabolites produced by different biochemical pathways ( glycolysis and phosphatidylcholine (PC) metabolism); 2) to evaluate the possibility to enhance the antiproliferative effects of metformin by a combination of metformin with a selected inhibitor of PC metabolism. We found : a) activation of PC-plc and PCho accumulation in metformin-treated cells; b) enhanced cell death in glioma cells with a combination of metformin and the PC-plc.

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