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Free-breathing and ungated 3D-T1rho mapping of the heart using golden angle radial sampling and compressed sensing with low-rank constrained sparse reconstruction

Rajiv G Menon1, Marcelo V.W. Zibetti1, Azadeh Sharafi1, Li Feng1, Leon Axel1, and Ravinder R Regatte1

1New York University School of Medicine, New York, NY, United States

In this study, we present a technique for T1rho mapping of myocardium using a combination of T1rho preparation, radial sampling, and low rank-based compressed sensing (CS) reconstruction. We acquire free-breathing, ungated data using a 3D T1rho prepared radial acquisition scheme with different spin lock times (TSL). After retrospectively synchronizing the data to a window in diastole, a sparse 3D k-dataset is given as input to compressed sensing reconstruction that uses a low rank constraint. Mono-exponential modeling of the reconstructed data yields the T1rho maps. The CS reconstruction results in improved images and the mean T1rho values estimated in the myocardium are consistent with literature.

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