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Abstract #5015

An improved blood pool MRI agent with dinuclear structure: characterization and in vivo bio-distribution

Alberto Fringuello Mingo1, Francesca La Cava2, Luigi Miragoli1, Enzo Terreno2, Enrico Cappelletti1, Luciano Lattuada1, Sonia Colombo Serra1, Luisa Poggi1, and Fabio Tedoldi1

1Bracco Imaging Spa, Colleretto Giacosa, Italy, 2Università degli Studi di Torino, Torino, Italy

A novel dinuclear gadolinium(III) chelate containing two moieties of DTPA, covalently conjugated to deoxycholic acid is presented. The product was synthesized and characterized in vitro (analysis of relaxometric properties in different media) and in vivo (blood pharmacokinetic and MRI bio-distribution). The complex showed a much higher relaxivity than Gd-DTPA and other dinuclear complexes proposed in literature. Moreover, it displayed a strong interaction with human serum albumin in three binding sites. This property translates in a long blood elimination half time (130min in rats) making the product an optimal blood-pool agent.

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