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Abstract #5097

Error Analysis of Helmholtz-based MR-Electrical Properties Tomography

Stefano Mandija1, Alessandro Sbrizzi1, Ulrich Katscher2, Peter R. Luijten1, and Cornelis A.C. van den Berg1

1Center for Image Sciences, UMC Utrecht, Utrecht, Netherlands, 2Philips Research Laboratories, Hamburg, Germany

The numerical error arising from the computation of spatial derivatives using finite difference kernels is investigated for Helmholtz-based MR-Electrical-Properties-Tomography conductivity reconstructions. We show that this numerical error is one major cause of limited accuracy in Helmholtz-based MR-EPT reconstructions, even if mitigation strategies such as Gibbs ringing correction and Gaussian apodization in k-space are adopted. Ultimately, large derivative kernels lead to more noise-robust conductivity reconstructions, at the cost of more spatially-extended boundary errors. If boundaries are not explicitly taken into account during reconstructions, the accuracy of MR-EPT is severely hampered, particularly for spatially convoluted tissues such as the human brain.

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