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Abstract #5165

Comparison of cortical bone visualization in the hip using ZTE and in-phase 3D gradient echo MRI sequences at 3T

Aiming Lu1, Krzysztof R Gorny1, Joel P Felmlee1, Stephen M Broski1, and Benjamin Howe1

1Radiology, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN, United States

Visualizing cortical bone with MRI is challenging, as it appears as signal void in conventional MRI. Both the “black bone” technique and the zero-TE (ZTE) sequence have been proposed for cortical bone visualization. While the “black bone” technique potentially provides better cortical bone to soft tissue contrast, the ZTE sequence enables differentiation from air. This work aimed to compare the two techniques for visualizing cortical bone in the hip. Our results show that cortical bone visualization was compromised using the “black bone” technique due to chemical shift artifacts, while ZTE MRI delivered excellent depiction of the cortical bone.

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