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Abstract #0206

Simultaneous fMRE and fMRI measures the viscoelastic and BOLD responses of the human brain to functional activation in the visual cortex

Patricia S. Lan1, Kevin J. Glaser2, Richard L. Ehman2, and Gary H. Glover3

1Bioengineering, Stanford University, Stanford, CA, United States, 2Radiology, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN, United States, 3Radiology, Stanford University, Stanford, CA, United States

Here, we demonstrate a novel multi-modal method to simultaneously acquire robust fMRE and fMRI activation maps. A block paradigm of 24s ON (flashing checkerboard at 10Hz) and 24s OFF (fixation cross) was used and images were acquired with a single-shot spin-echo EPI MRE sequence. Our results show that tissue stiffness within the visual cortex increases 6-12% with visual stimuli. Furthermore, the fMRE and fMRI activation maps agree and overlap spatially within the visual cortex, providing convincing evidence that fMRE is possible in the cortex.

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